UK Inflation Jumps to 3.7%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Kassz007, May 18, 2010.

  1. So little
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    Low interest rates + high inflation = happy homeowner.

    This is a perfect environment for taking out a mortgage.
  3. How long will rates stay this low in UK though? I haven't heard any rumblings of an increase but you would think if inflation numbers like this keep popping up they will have to do something.
  4. I think India's inflation is 9% or 10% and they are saying China and India are helping world economic recovery.
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    Kassz007, I have to agree with bearice here. I believe next-to-zero interest rates combined with high signle-digit inflation are sustainable for decades. Some buisinesses wil be hurt but others will flourish.
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    Inflation targets are artificial anyway... as well as inflation measures are designed to ignore massive inflation factors like growing property prices.

    It is actually quite feasible that Sterling will hit parity with Euro as Euro declines 0.8 US dollars.
  7. I think India's food inflation is 18%.