UK GDP shocker Q3 -0,4 Q/Q - FTSE rises

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  1. Schizophrenic reaction to reality. Speechless. :mad:
  2. At least Sterling is finally taking it on the chin after the huge short squeeze over the last couple days.
  3. I have to question the mental stability of trading desks in London.

    How should shrinking GDP contribute to higher company profits ? Retail sales couple of days ago dissapointing !

  4. xty


    Someone might be doing this to get out of their positions............
  5. The pre-packaged answer normally given is that GDP is backward looking...

    A couple of reason this weak GDP could appear positive for stocks: 1) GBP TWI is down by more than 1%; 2) likelihood of a more 'helpful', less hawkish BoE.

    Moreover, I would think that most of the move in the FTSE is just a delayed reaction to the Spooz O/N.
  6. Yeah, this is exactly what media do. They cover-up their actions with nice and logical explanation. Damn manipulators...

    Good earning, run-up ; no-brainer...
    Good earning, run-down; it was already priced in...


    Indeed, I went short prior to the news release, when news came out I thought to myself I was about to profit nicely...and instead we got THAT! Nonsense.
  8. I'll get busy looking at UK real estate once sterling drops below $1.50 :cool:
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    If i may ask why do u think sterling wont go to $1.2 and secondly u think UK real estate is off the hook.

    thirdly i believe u one of those very experience traders on this why would u look for real estate when interest rate is 0 ?

    wouldnt mind learning pls
  10. JSSPMK


    Low IR drives property market upwards (cheap mortgages) :)

    P.S. On the other hand I am not convinced property market is a good investment in the UK, yet.
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