UK FX Firms?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by mauzj, May 13, 2003.

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    Could anyone recommend a good beginners' spot FX dealer for UK residents? I am looking to trade small amounts to learn about this area, but with US firms a large part of my starting capital will be swallowed up with transfer fees.


    The Stats Monkey.
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  3. I heard FX trading is regulated in the UK, can UK residents trade FX with US firms? I think US firms are better, in the UK I heard about GCI , Deal4Free and other spreadbetting shops I would never trade with. I am myseld looking for a Fx dealer, I just looked at transfer fees with OANDA and FXCM and it's $40 for international wires, that's pretty steep indeed.
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    These, like you said, "spreadbetting shops" have more than 10 years of FX brokerage experience :)
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    Mr. H

    Hi Mauzi
    I am trying the demo of IFX at present.
    You may go to to find out.
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    Hello, Al, I'm new to this forum, but know a bit about forex.
    That was kinda inrtoduction :) . Now regarding the "spreadbetting shops" - its totally justified to call them like that, as anyone offering mini contracts are to be called not otherwise. But it doesnt mean the shop is not working well. Some of them are very good to work with, and as Flynn said - experienced.