UK consumer confidence rises sharply despite austerity onslaught

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  1. The GfK/NOP index rose four points to -18, breaking the steady downward trend since February. Nick Moon, head of GfK NOP Social Research, said this flicker of optimism comes just in time.

    "Consumer confidence has been in constant decline for the past five months and a further fall would have made a double-dip recession seem a very real prospect. The Government will undoubtedly read these figures with a great deal of relief," he said.
  2. "too big to fail".

    All lies are justified to halt any panic.
  3. Everybody is living it up, making so much money. I think this year if you can't make at least 1.5X that of the 2008 crash, its better to just quit trading.
  4. AK100


    MOPE pure and simple.