UK conservatives burn effigy of Obama

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  1. Young Tories burn effigy of Obama

    November 24 2011 at 12:09pm

    The Tories have been forced to apologise after students at Britain’s St Andrews University burnt an effigy of US President Barack Obama at a Conservative Association Party.

    Students from the US - who account for almost a third of the undergraduate population in the Fife town - claimed the incident was anti-American and, at worst, racist.

    Washington sources also branded the stunt an “act of violence”, raising fears that it could harm relations between Obama's Democrats and David Cameron's Conservatives.

    University chiefs summoned the president of the society to discuss “very understandable concerns”. However they later said the culprits were “naive and crassly insensitive, not intentionally racist”.

    The young Tories have now decided to end the tradition of burning effigies and will write a letter to President Obama to apologise.

    In an online statement, he added: “Each year the association votes for a candidate who has contributed the most to left-wing politics to burn at our annual heretic burning.

    “This is an annual tradition which dates back numerous years, with previous heretics including Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and Alex Salmond.”

    A Scottish Conservative spokesman said: “This was undoubtedly a stupid act and the St Andrews Conservative Association has recognised that.”

    But a Democratic Party analyst in Washington said: “Burning someone in effigy is an act of violence, and such acts rarely solve anything.”
  2. Washington sources also branded the stunt an “act of violence”,


    This was a "kinetic" protest.
  3. Yea well I remember:

    David Cameron prays to God.

    "Lord, what can I do? Pakistanis are burning effigies of me".

    The heavens open and God replies
    "Don't worry Dave, I'll put the fucking fires out"
  4. The Young Conservatives in the UK take the view that all others outside this isle are morons, I remember when the Conservative party considered shutting them down.
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    Apologize? WTF for? Did they forget to hang him first before the burning?
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    They never had a problem when Bush effigies were being burned.

    Go figure.
  7. Believe it or not, this..... I disagree with. If they can trace their history, they can show that it was not about race. If they believe Obama is a leftist who deserves to be pilloried, viva la democracy.

    This is where the charge of racism loses it's meaning.
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    Effigies of Obama would make nice Christmas presents. Include a pamphlet explaining the different things you can do with your effigy. :D
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