UK calls for worldwide taxcuts

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NielsenDK, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Gordon Brown on Monday gave his firmest signal yet that the government is planning imminent tax cuts to bolster the economy, in what he hopes will be a concerted global effort to stimulate demand.

    “What I am determined to do is to get all countries around the world trying to get their economies moving again, and one way you do that is by putting more money into the economy by tax cuts or by public spending rises,” he told GMTV on Monday.

    So, Whats up Obama?
  2. Yes, absolutely brilliant, tackle a debt problem by creating loads more debt.
  3. Yes...keep spending...
    that's what we need...

    Did he get his economics degree off the back of a pint?

    Fucking Gordo...he should go preach the NWO Bullshit only into his bathroom mirror or I might have to send him a copy of V for Vendetta...
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