UK Banks May Need New Bailout in 2011: Think Tank

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  1. Many British banks may need another state bailout next year and their borrowing requirements could hit 25 billion pounds ($39.4 billion) a month, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) think tank said on Monday.

    The NEF said it had examined Bank of England data and concluded that many UK banks appeared to face a funding cliff, as the NEF published a report on the British banking system.

    British banks ? Never ever ! The Financial Times doesn´t even know anymore what a British headline is ! For over a year the media outlet is full of news about the "European sovereign debt problems." ... Well, Her Majesty´s central bankers have some very nice ( German made ) money printing machines, too... :cool:
  2. With the October 20 deadline for settling departmental spending cuts looming...
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    I guess the banks found the free money really tasty. Now let's see where it all ends...
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    I wouldn't be worried if UK banks did need a new bailout, there is absolutely no reason to worry about any bank who needs liquidity for a bailout, every time this has happened it has been fixed within a couple of days. Stocks will fall about 1% then push up another 20% after the bailouts take place. All they need to do is print more money, this has not been a problem what so ever.
  5. ah ah, do you really believe this? thanks for making me laugh :D
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    Actually, yes!!!!
  7. +1
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    And the UK housing bubble hasn't really popped yet / is reinflating
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