UK arms control and the fake USA crisis

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    ah well, why not another thread?

    First, once again there is no US gun homocide problem unless you are black (see attached).

    Second, the UK has some of the strictest laws in the free world. Liberals love to point out the low gun crime rate but ignore the obvious. The UK has a low gun crime rate because of culture, something very obvious to thinking people but out of reach to the fragile brainwashed liberal mind.... or is it something more sinister, say they don't care since all they can imagine is their liberal stifling government run paradise.

    Are guns available in the UK?

    Relative effectiveness?

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    oops here's the attachment
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    In other news.. Crime data: Homicide at 30-year England and Wales low
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    THEREFORE I'm sure you agree that we have no gun problem and that the left is wrong and should just shut up about guns.
  5. Why in the ever loving fvck can Americans not discuss the pros and cons of firearms without dragging some other country into it.
    Is introspection completely absent from the American psyche?
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    Same reason we observe the competition.
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    Of course, 4.2 homicides per 100,000 is not a problem. The occasional mass shooting is also not a problem since it doesn't affect the statistics much. No problems anything to do with guns. It's all good.
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    Ricter is the same about economics and income equality.
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    the brits are a lot like us, we can watch a gun control experiment before making any decisions. We can examine data and observe others to better form conclusions about what might happen.

    I do agree though that it should be all about what we alone want in the end.
  10. There are cultural similarities but the UK population as a whole never had the same access to firearms the US had and the regulation of firearms started in 1903 so as a baseline we are a bad choice for both sides of the argument.
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