Uighur Bill

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    Uighur Bill

    China is most displeased after the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill (by 407 votes to one) that forces the Trump administration to condemn abuses against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, and to impose sanctions on the province's Communist Party secretary, Chen Quanguo. Beijing says the bill is malicious. CNBC
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    They have bigger problems than the Uighurs.

    Hong Kong protests have spread to Guangdong province.


    Guangdong is the largest province in China by population and is intensely industrial. At one time I was world-ranked in the Top 10 as a Matlab author and the other 9 guys were all at some school in Guangdong. Its just across the bay from Hong Kong and there is relatively free movement between it and Hong Kong.

    The initial protests there were put down pretty quickly but I think the seed has taken root. Regular Chinese are starting to wonder why they are not afforded the rights and freedoms enjoyed in Hong Kong. Its pretty much the worst nightmare for the ruling elite.
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    Communism works SO well!