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    I've been hammering Obama for his energy policies like alot of others. Assuming I knew everything about world supplies his policies seemed, well, suicidal.

    But what if I *didn't* know everything about world supplies but the President did know everything about world supplies?

    There are articles on Drudge and other sites tonight suggesting that the government has been concerned with the possiblity that Saudi reserves have been overstated by approx. 40%.

    Meaning there may be only about 60% what we thought was under the sands of Saudi Arabia.

    Perhaps the U.S. government can extrapolate to a time in our nearish future where foreign reserves are depleted. Maybe these guys want solar and wind because they know there isn't going to be much else in another 25 years (for instance). Maybe its a no-kidding necessity to move the economy away from a hydrocarbon base. Doctrine in the USA has long been to expend foreign reserves first, our own last. What if that end-game were alot closer than we thought?

    Could there me a method behind the solar, wind and rail madness?
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    Naw...All that matters at the moment is whether the Lakers can pull it back together before much longer. I'm an American. Most of us think like this, you know. ;<>)
  3. That is an interesting thought. My thinking was hearing the moronic (in my opinion) drill baby drill was we should use up the rest of the worlds oil first and save ours for the time when oil did get extremely expensive. It seems the conservative thing to do, save our assets, especially an appreciating asset.

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    I don't think our government has the foresight to have such a plan. Think about all they money they are wasting on ethanol. That money could be put into research. Until research can come up with better solar cells and batteries none of this green energy drive is worth spit. What happened to our nuclear power industry that could do some of the heavy lifting of our energy needs? We aren't even looking into low waste thorium nuclear energy that is being built in China. And, we are the Saudi Arabia of coal. So where is the clean coal research? Biden says we will NEVER use clean coal tech.

    So, I'm sorry. But, I don't believe the government is doing anything except bending to the environmentalist's hands off demands.
  5. You're probably right. Even if it's by accident I think it's good we're not depleting our oil reserves as quickly as possible.
  6. I think you give obama way too much credit. I would imagine he personally is totally bored by energy policy. His policies are just a payoff to envirornmentalist supporters and global warming nutcases. He sees government support for renewable energy and so-called green energy(cars powered by coal-generated electricity) as just a convenient way to expand government and create opportunities to pay off influential supporters, like GE.
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    Clinton's economic policies were right out of Reagan's playbook, a politician can appeal to the liberal base and do conservative things. I don't see how anybody can argue against solar and wind energy, especially solar, it's potential is not at all tapped fully yet..
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    They were just saying on TV that the 40% decline in Saudi reserves was just an error in translation. Must be why oil prices went down instead of up today.

    Also, this looks like a big deal. A new drilling technique is opening up vast fields of previously out-of-reach oil in the western United States, helping reverse a two-decade decline in domestic production of crude.

    Well, at least until Obama finds a way to ban it.

  9. Quick question. What's your gut feeling? Imo, I think we may be intimidated by experts.

    Actually though, regarding solar and wind to generate electricity, if the gov't was serious, green energy could be developed by anyone if they could sell it to the grid but that is not how it is going to work.

    I'd read about a private landowner who generated enough electricity to sell and lo and behold no can do. The power company said we are not in the business of buying electric.

    That was good enough to convince me this is just another blowhard plan for the Fed.


    A a side note, do you ever hear news from Asia regarding energy crisis of the proportion that the US claims there is in the US? Japan imports mucho oil (probably from alaska).

    Do here China bitchin about oil like we do? Cripes we need oil to drive to the mall, China need oil for manufacturing. Who has the greater need? Not us.
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