Uh , shorts. You may have a problem

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. i'm starting to get so many people on my ignore list that its getting hard to understand who started threads.
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  2. Go ahead and get long and you'll join this guy
    <img src=http://elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1570681
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  3. LOL I've been there

    wasn't so lol then.

    I think all need to be there

    we don't learn until we are there
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  4. I was starting to think the same thing a few minutes ago, now we are heading back down, who knows.
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  5. The volatility is insane. 3 x 200 point whipsaws in a day.
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  6. why any little guy would trade this in spot this time of month is beyond me when the options are so cheap.

    Anyone share this similar philosophy?
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  7. rdm239


    cheap? How so? Vix keeps marching higher. Also do you trade stock options or options on index? What about spreads? Not tryin to be dick, just wanna know what you mean cause i'm interested.

    #17     Aug 16, 2007