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  1. The following table shows the S&P 500 forecasts for 2007 from all 12 strategists surveyed.

    bloomberg has a new item saying the majority of the wall street
    firms agree on higher SP500 next yr

    this has not happened in yrs according to the article
    and the last time it did ... the following yr was not so good

    Firm Strategist Forecast*

    Banc of America Thomas McManus 1465
    Bear Stearns Francois Trahan 1550
    Citigroup Tobias Levkovich 1600
    Deutsche Bank Binky Chadha 1540
    Goldman Sachs Abby Cohen 1550
    JPMorgan Chase A. Chakrabortti 1440
    Merrill Lynch R. Bernstein 1570
    Morgan Stanley Henry McVey 1525
    Prudential Edward Keon 1630
    Strategas Jason Trennert 1600
    UBS David Bianco 1500
    Wachovia Rod Smyth 1500
    Average 1539