Uh Oh, this is not good.........

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  1. While I concede the Enquirer has, in the past, had a few stories of note, I don't think this is one of them.

    "He said she said".
  2. This is nothing

    Tony Rezko , Sestack, Blago,....Keep em coming

    Obama 2012 !!!!!!!!!
  3. Lucrum


    Isn't that when some say the world will end?

    I could certainly see a connection.
  4. If a person at the center of the investigation testifies, under oath, to the illegal activities of the President, all persons sheltering the President should be investigated just as much as the President.
  5. It is obvious as Emanuel was involved also. So far, they have stopped it. Economy goes down further, the national mood will deteriorate (process of deterioration has already begun) and voila it is 1974 all over again with a presidential resignation in 2011.
  6. Its funny how you guys sit at home dreaming of these fairytales.Birthers, homosexual affairs(willibear), political scandals(Rezko,sesteck,now Blago etc),The next Abe/JFK, etc

    Keep dreaming
  7. Economy tanks Obama will tank with it. This issue in Illinois keeps coming up. Personally, I think he is in over his head. And please, we all have heard your undying affection and love for essentially a subpar President so far.
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    Have you hugged your Obama doll today?
  9. I'd have undying affection and love for any leftist President over any Republican

    When it comes to democrats I would prefer a true leftist like FDR,Dean or Palosi over Obama anyday.Obama is far to moderate and weak against Republicans and blue dog dems for me.Men like FDR and Dean would not have accepted the watered down bills Obama have accepted and they would be fighting back ferociously against Republican attacks
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