Uh oh shorties massive rebound

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  1. And no I'm not dead...

    And I didn't blow up...not even close :)

    CAX off 150 points from lows and surging. Not good...if you didn't cover or went short.

    As an update, I lost a ton of money in the past few months I will admit and it has been painful, but we will rebound huge from here. Just like august 16-a huge amount of selling for no good reason and then a HUUUUUGE rebound to new highs soon after.

    I'm down 20% since the start of this year but I will recover as I always do. I don't fail. I am still long, still in the game.

    Market will be green Tuesday. Even though I'm down a lot I'm glad I didn't sell. I always come out ahead at tax time, too.

    Still no compelling reasons for selloff. Nothing at all. Global economy is stronger than ever. IBM and other tech companies and globalist companies continue to report huge numbers. but I'm receptive to the usual, bear biased, flawed rebuttal arguments.

    Not a bear market either keep in mind. Still a correction.

    The fed will step in and give a huge cut. The dow will add 2000 points in a month. And new highs by mid 2008.

    This is so similar to august 16th in every way. So many shorts are gonna get incinerated. All the puts converge to zero. People shorting because the downward trend seems so infallible...

    I know how this story ends. Longs win, shorts lose. Seen it in Summer 2006, Feb 27th, and August 16th.

    I'm not going away unless we enter a bear market. But that won't happen.
  2. Hey stock, welcome back, good to see you're doing well :p
  3. Good to know you're still around lurking, ST. Of course, everything you say is all wrong, just as - historically - everything you've said all along was wrong.

    "There is no and never will be a credit crisis" (paraphrased)...that one was my favorite. Also the one where you said the Dow would never break 12,800.

    You're calling for new highs now by when? Didn't you say by year end 2007?

    You're an entertaining read, I'll grant ya that!
  4. You forgot summer 2002 :cool:
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    you should be proven right by 2012 or something
  6. Glad to hear you lost only 20 % and you do not have Level 3 assets in your portfolio like some ....hummm....ahhh...U.S. "investment"banks....:D :D :D
  7. And the chart

    Perfect rebound. Huge volume. Massive consecutive white candles.


    No more postings. I made my point. If we enter a bear market (S&P 500 closes 1252 or lower) I'll make a final resignation post requesting my ET account be disabled and that will be it.
  8. Well I'm glad you didn't blow-up, it's terribly inconvenient when that happens.:D

    Just don't over do it.:p
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    stock, I thank my fortunes there are so many who think as you do.
  10. Not popping yet
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