Uh-oh...another show about Wall St.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Sponger, Oct 20, 2006.

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    I just heard on CNBC that there is going to be a show about hedge funds coming out in the near future. Last time this happened was when that show was on tv about a wall street brokerage firm - and it pretty much marked the end of the tech bubble and the soon to follow implosion.

    If a a show about a brokerage firm (plus all of the required magazine headings) was a great indicator of the coming tech-wreck, then what does a show about hedge funds portend? The Dow implosion, or worse, another Long-Term Capital fallout? Or is this the most glaring sign of a market top?

    Thoughts anyone? :p
  2. You better belive it!

  3. Sponger


    I should have mentioned there are TWO shows coming out - one is a six part documentary on I believe what is called "indemand" network - follows around a group of hedge fund managers. The other is going to be an hbo series (or some network) along the lines of "Entourage".

    I'll officially coin the indicator term for this type of event:

    "The Double Barrel Shotgun Blast TV Show Indicator"

    HAHAHA!:p :p :p :
  4. Almost as good as the primetime infomercial signal. Notice how we are not seeing those gold commercials so much anymore.

  5. Sponger


    Good observation on the infomercial stuff - "control thousands of dollars of commodities with a low low investment!", "gold is going to $2000 per oz!!!"