UH OH...another prop trader in Toronto looking for a setup

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mcelitetrader, May 17, 2005.

  1. mcelitetrader

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    I am wanting to talk to any prop traders currently trading in Toronto. I have been speaking with various brokerage houses to set up trading accounts. I have offers of 10:1 running to 15 and 20 if the opening pool of capital is large enough (read 15 - 100k). Also, larger discounts on commisions can be arranged with increased trading volumes. All monies would be completely separate only the name would need to be linked to gain the leverage and with limited liability for the individual.
  2. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor

    I have been sussing out the various setups in toronto (i like the idea of having a branch of some sort located in the city with the possibility of going remote) and have them down to to questrade, rumblings of genesis opening in the city and melody markets?? linked on workopolis but cant google them.

    Basically, any prop traders in Toronto want to talk?