Ugly Green ties, Blue shirts

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bighog, Mar 17, 2011.

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    When will all these men listen to their Mom about fashion.

    Green ties are freaking "UGLY", simple men take it a step further and wear a Blue shirt. To take it even further many even take it where the dark green tie and a very dark blue shirt overwhelms the suit.

    This is the worst fashion fad since a few other horrible fads........such as, Leisure suits, Wonder Bra for "A" cupped chicks, Polyester bell bottomed slacks for men in 1972.

    Down with the GREEN goo men wear these days with suits...........GREEN is UGLY .. Green with blue shirts and a suit is for non-thinkers, they just follow any idea no matter how bad.

    Ok, time to trade.. almost... 6J is a trader for awhile then will drop it......i
  2. He be Irish today.

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    Being slightly red/green colorblind, and not gay I really don't give a crap about fashion. I will go even further with the whole idea of man bags, manscaping, pedi/manicures and the like are just plain wrong when it comes to guys. Not a big fan of jewelry on guys either. Since arthritis set in my hands, I rarely wear my wedding ring as my stupid fingers balloon up and having a ring when they do is not good. Of course the wife says she will get it resized, but so far hasn't.

    Before anyone blows a gasket, those are just my preferences, and I say them somewhat jokingly. :D A real man does what the hell he wants and can deal with other men laughing their asses off at them when they show up at the bar with a manbag on their shoulder instead of just having the one in their pants. :D
  4. no one wears that, That's not fashion, it's just poor color coordination.

    Use the color wheel.