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  1. I just got back from best buy with my new 400.00 dollar samsung

    930B! , looks great and everything :). A week ago I went to ask

    one of the guys at geek squad if my computer was able to run off

    two monitors. I told him I use a Sony..( forget what model but i

    paid 2k for it. ) I explained to him how my monitor had two rgb

    cables running out the back, so I figured the extra could be used

    for a new screen.

    So I got home, hooked it up, installed the drivers for win xp

    only to my surprise that the new monitor is nothing more than a

    mirror to the monitor i already have. Your probably

    thinking...YEA..DUH!, but my impression was that this new screen

    would be able to run INDEPENDANTLY from the other.

    What was the dumb ass at best buy thinking?... YEA, OK!, I

    wanna buy another screen, just so I can see the same

    information as I can now..just double!..YEA that makes a ton of

    freakin sense.

    I went into a chat room, to ask about my problem. According to

    them, my Geforce FX 5200 is not good enough and I need

    to buy a new card...HMM i wonder how much this is gonna cost.

    - nathan
  2. lol... never ask people that are paid to "think and act intelligently" real questions about this stuff.

    You'd probably be better off asking here on the forums first.
  3. If $100 for a new card is too much then you shouldn't be 'trading'. Try baseball cards or the flea market?
  4. :( so far non of these posts have been that helpful to me.
  5. mizer


    Ok heres a suggestion........

    Just buy a new video card. Now run along and get ready for your bed time story:D
  6. Actually there is a use for the second plug. If you have a SECOND pc, you can hook that monitor to both of the pc's and run the same lonitor off both pc's..... NOT BOTH AT ONCE....:D

    I have that feature on a couple older lcd's. So here is what you can do. Get a dual head card, they are cheap these days, use pc #1 for two screens like charts etc. Later use pc #2 and one screen for web browser etc.

    Here is a suggestion for the 2 head card. get a card with NVIEW from nvidia cards. NVIEW works best imo. I have a 6 screen setup with 2 dual head cards, 1 agp, 2 dual head pci cards.

    Next pc will need all new cards because pci-x etc. thats ok, the older setup will always serve as a backup. have fun........:) :cool: :D
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    Don't give up yet.

    Go to control panel > display > setting
    Then click Advanced button.
    Then click 5200 button with Nvidia logo.
    (Mine is Geforce Pcx 5300 but they use the same line of driver so it should be about the same as mine)

    Then click dropdown arrow on "nView Display Mode".
    Then select "dual view" and hit Apply. You are ready to go.
  8. yes, thank you. I have not thought of that, I have a laptop, so I'll see what I can do :).
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    I have an older Sony laptop too and, yes, the monitor port on the dock just mirrors the LCD. It's there so you can run a bigger/different monitor and turn off the LCD if you want.

    To make it a dual monitor setup you *used* to have to get a PCMCIA monitor card and plug the extra monitor into it.

    Company called, I think, Appian made it. Don't know if you can still get those cards now. I searched a few places and no luck.
  10. It seems that I cant do it, if one monitor runs on a "digital" display, and the other analog. I have a second i need to change'em out or should it not matter?

    - nathan
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