UDPATE - Schedule of Arms Resets - 15% done

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Digs, Jan 31, 2008.

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    See attached doc for reset progress status

    So far about 15% of ARMS resets have been done and look what has happened

    - Goldilocks rapped by three bears
    - Unemployment 5%
    - Known bank provisional write offs at $131 Bn
    - 7.5 trillion off world stock markets
    - USA median house price index down 7%
    - FED Fund rate slashed 1.25%
    - Inflation YOY 4.1%
    - Britney Spears gone nuts
    - Gold at $920
    - www.youwalkaway.com from your mortgage
    - GDP Q4 0.6% ( if you believe GDP deflator numbers)
    - Sub prime makes CBS 60 minutes http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video/main500251.shtml?id=3756665n

    What have I missed...
  2. ...stock trad3r changes his handle, still doesn't help as he continues his retarded rambling...
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    ???? Thats not me, dont compute !!
  4. thats a great chart.. but.. FF is down 2.25% from peak, and 1 yr libor is at 2.96% (which means subprime resets are relatively benign in effect for now)

    As long as they can engineer libor around here for the next few years, the damage won't be -as- bad.

    could you imagine what the fan would look like if libor was 10%?
  5. The second poster is way off. Those are far too clearly expressed for ramblings.

    I think the most important point is the realisation that BS's mental state is key to the US economy. Will George realise and arrange for the CIA to put resources into resolving the problem ?

    (Given the CIA's ability to f' up everything it should give us all a laugh)
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    I dont think libor will stay down, when inflation is up and $USD is down,,, fear will push LIBOR UP.
  7. I am not talking about you bro, I am talking about what is so obvious as to what is his new handle. You can't take the douchebag out of the douchebag. Don't tell me you don't know who I am talking about.