UCLA Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit LA By Sept 5'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by electron, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. I wonder if the insurance company is going to catch on to their new prediction methods, which apparently successfully predicted two other major earthquakes in the past few years.
  2. Usually I wouldn't believe it, but, since this is being posted by a member named "electron" it must be true.

    And I LIVE in Los Angeles too...

    I do think it is going to happen. I feel sorry for all the other apartment scum (besides me) that live in those really run down tenaments owned by scum lords.

    Oh well, I guess scum deserves scum. And we all deserve to die.


  3. Up here in the Bay Area, I know that we are due.
    Overdue in fact.
  4. maxpi


    I have a quake detector, if it registers 5.9 it starts up Purple Haze at 120 db and I just ride it out.

  5. I was down near the beach and working for an "asset-allocator" doing executions on their global futures portfolio when the Northridge Quake hit.

    I ran out into the Street and couldn't believe how calm everyone was. I quickly went into the underground garage of the townhouse that I was living in to pull my Porsche out from underneath the house, and I was still amazed at how few people came out into the Street.

    I mean that quake really ROCKED LA with some HUGE aftershocks!