UC Berkeley Senior Looking For Assistant Trader / Clerk Position

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  1. Hello Elite Traders!

    I’m a senior at UC Berkeley (go Bears, baby!) in search of an Assistant Trader / Clerking opportunity for a firm or individual specializing in US equities and/or options. Upon graduating in May 2007, I’d be willing to relocate – no assistance necessary – and bread crumbs would be sufficient compensation; seriously, the learning experience would be rewarding enough.

    As a Political Science major with a pressing interest in financial markets, I have a strong understanding of the effects of the international political and economic landscapes on capital markets. Moreover, in an effort to counterbalance my qualitatively-oriented major, I took a number of quantitative classes during the course of my studies, including:

    * Principles of Microeconomics
    * Principles of Macroeconomics
    * Game Theory
    * Business Calculus I
    * Business Calculus II
    * Probability and Statistics for Social Sciences
    * Probability and Statistics for Business

    Presently, my undergraduate GPA stands at 3.7.

    For the past nine months I have been employed as a Junior Associate at a Real Estate Finance firm, specializing in refinancing and hard-money lending. During my nine-month tenure, I have been named “Junior Associate of the Month” on three separate occasions and I was recently offered a full-time position upon graduation – an offer I’d happily reject in favor of a trading career.

    I am the type of person who isn’t satisfied unless he is constantly learning something new. In other words, “spare time” is not in my vocabulary. When I’m not working or studying for midterms, I’m either teaching myself to program (Java) or I’m actively re-reading Sheldon Natenberg’s “Option Volatility & Pricing,” among other celebrated titles.

    I’m ambitious, I’m hungry and I make a mean cup of coffee. If you know of a person or firm that values these qualities and knows a good investment when one comes along, please let me know.

    Thanks Elite Traders!


    PMs, responses and emails (ophir@calmail.berkeley.edu) are welcome and appreciated as is any advice you can spare!
  2. FWIW, I sincerely applaud your approach and desire. I will make some calls around the Bay area (BTW, my wife is Cal Grad, as was her longtime friend Pattie Dunn of Hewlett Packard "fame")... do you have an interest in perhaps clerking with a fund manager?

    Sorry that we don't have employees, every trader is independent, but I will see what I can do. Send me a PM in a week or so.

    Keep up the good spirit!!

  3. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bright.

    I'd be extremely interested in the opportunity to clerk for a fund manager. I'd even shine his or her shoes if the job calls for it!!!

    Your help is very much appreciated and I'll be sure to PM you soon!
  4. mbay


    Apply four FE grad school. Berkeley has the best program currently. Check out fenews.com for more information.
  5. why the hell would a kid from Berkely want to get in this business.??..I thought you represented the youth in AMerica that wanted to help make the world a better place, not just get rich...tune in turn on drop out man....
  6. mbay,

    Graduate school has long been a serious consideration for me and one which has yet to be ruled out. My immediate plans, however, revolve around pursuing a career in trading upon graduating from Cal. If I decide to return to school later on, there are numerous programs throughout the country that allow students to pursue a postgraduate degree without sacrificing their careers. For example, UC San Diego recently launched an MBA program that meets on alternate weekends. And then, of course, there is night school.


    We're not all anti-establishment, bring down the man, nudist-hippies at Cal. Although, most of the louder students on campus are just that!
  7. mbay


    Well if you want to continue your education straight out of grad school, the time to apply is now. First round has ended, second round is still open, and third round is ending next year.

    Alot of FE schools will also consider GMAT scores to if your math is not top notch.

    Good luck.
  8. Tuneman


    Excuse me, but my first post, which was a student intro post like this one, resulted in a flame war where multiple people swore at me, demanding that I, and all future posters use the search button to review the many former threads on the same topic. My question is: you get this "go-go" Johnny Paperpusher letting you know he's ready brown nose his way to the top and you guys dont say shit! Whats the deal?

    Also, if you are majoring in poly sci, there is no way you are getitng into FE. You need to have a strong math background, thats just the way it is.
  9. I'd say that the sentence above explains things pretty concisely.

    To the OP, good luck finding the position you're looking for.


    lol... here's more of your material - and you wonder why you're not getting quality responses?

    What are you, 16 years old?
  10. mbay


    Well first off, just because he is poli sci major does not mean he does not have a good math background. My friend and I were both history majors turned econ and we have good math skills, but yes a strong math background seems to be a a prerequisite for FE school, but that is something you can work on now with your electives and summer courses.

    Second, if your upset about your post being flamed, just repost in a week or so with a different tone. More important, you are complaining about a forum post. What good is that going to do, seriously.

    Do you plan to drag the flamers in a lawsuit or get them banned from the forums. Then what, they just open a new account.

    I hope that helped :)
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