Ubuntu x64 and VirtualBox

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ctrlbrk, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I am currently running Vista x64 for my primary trading platform with Ninja and TWS, and then use VMware Workstation for a couple of XP VM's for backtesting and such.

    I am considering switching to Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and using VirtualBox 2.0.6. I would use a XP SP3 install in VirtualBox for Ninja and IB's TWS. I will also have to run Office 2007 in this VM for other reasons.

    Was just wondering if there is anyone else out there running a similar config, and if so, if they can comment to success/failure/potential problems.

    I've been testing things out as best I can by running Ubuntu under a VMware VM on top of Vista, and then running VirtualBox under that (sick, yes) and so far haven't seen any major issues. Nearing the trigger pulling time...


    BTW, system is a C2D E6850 with 8GB, 3x320GB RAID 0, 1TB backup disk, and 3x22" widescreens.
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    As an all-linux user, I hope you have success with such
    a setup. I've been frustrated by both KVM and Virtual Box
    inability to run 64 bit XP - kvm crashes at install, and VB, despite claims on their site, simply refuses to load up the 64 bit guest (at least in my experience).

    I'm nervous of using VMWare (which otherwise seems fine) for trading real $$$.

    Best wishes with your project.
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    I can't speak for Ninja, but IB has a version of TWS that will run natively under Linux - I'm currently doing that. The only feature that the Linux version does not have is that it does not automatically check for updates when you start up the software.
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    Currently trading on xp pro 32bit virtualized on ubuntu hardy 64bit (desktop version). For me the virtualized xp seems to run faster than when I had it on a physical machine.
    I like it because I can clone it, back it up and use that on another machine if I want.

    software used on my virtualized machine is:
    Qoutetracker, IQ for datafeed

    When trading futures only I have open ecry's platform loaded & maybe qoutetracker

    Also have ninja but i tried that and did not prefer it over what I already run. I might try it again when the newer version has been out for a bit.

    No surfing occurs on the virtualized machine - all of that on the physical ubuntu box. Sometimes I'll have IRC on that instead of on the xp virtual as well.

    It's been stable and I periodically clone the xp box just in case - but I've never had to failover.
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    also my box has q6600, 4 gigs ram, 3 sata 300gb harddrives (not raided - different os's for messing around on each), xfi mobo, 8800 pcie video card.

    cable internet, 3g as backup.
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    I have been dual booting Ubuntu x64 8.10 for a couple weeks now.

    The biggest problem for me so far is that I have (3) 22" monitors, two of them on a 8800GT and one of them on an 8600GT.

    In Vista, this is not a problem, but in Ubuntu it is.

    The problem is I want Compiz/Desktop Effects, since this is my primary box afterall, and I can't get them and still be able to seamlessly use all three monitors as a single workspace/desktop.

    If I disable Compiz support (composting) then I can do it by using Xinerama but it makes for a boring primary desktop. When composting is enabled and the system is in TwinView mode, I can only TwinVile two out of three monitors, creating a real problem with usefulness of the desktop.

    Other than this issue, I am ready to make Linux my primary OS and run Virtualbox (2.1 now) in a minimal XP SP3 VM for trading.