Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by birdman, Jan 29, 2018.

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    That's good, things have improved over time. Stability-wise, I've had zero problems with W10, it has been completely solid.
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    Classic Shell to the rescue!

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    The biggest reason I would say to stick with Windows is the driver support and learning curve if you've never used Linux before. I used Ubuntu for about a year in 2014 but got fed up with the system breaking every time I wanted to install a new component or major update because of driver issues. This was also on a custom built machine, so if you're desktop is a popular model out of the box it may be much less of an issue. The learning curve is also fairly steep to set up some programs if you are unfamiliar with using a command line.
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  4. I use Ubuntu Linux but let's not kid ourselves, Windows is a better product for almost anyone that would be asking this question.

    Usability, stability and driver/application support are the most important features of an operating system. You can make Windows very safe easier than you can make Linux more useable with better support.

    If Ubuntu Linux was better, Microsoft wouldn't have a commercial product.
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    Bingo. If you have to ask, then windows is for you.

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    Only switch to Linux if you have a need or if you are really interested in learning a new OS and are willing to invest time and mental energy in the learning process.

    If you want an OS that just works then stay with Microsoft. Windows 10 is superb.
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  7. been telling people this for years, windows>linux

    maybe if you're a true unix guru with deep skillz, you can make it dance, but I always found it to be way too messy for anything serious.

    i run 100 diff apps on Windows and its rock solid 99.999999% of the time.

    havent had to rebuild my setup for near a decade

    case klozed
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  8. I know this thread is a few weeks old and maybe this deserves a new post, but just as more developers / programmers / tech workers that may use Linux/Mac start trading, doesn't that push the needle in some ways? Especially with mobile platforms pushing the other envelopes? I am not here to battle out which is better, as they all have their purposes. I use all three platforms in one way or another. I am not a Dev, but I own other businesses as well as trade and as I continue to create / grow new trade ideas having a beast of a Workstation running Ubuntu-ish with a couple of Windows VM's as well as an OSX VM seems like it would be interesting for me and my workflow. Keeping all of these things separate while researching / creating new ideas, seems like it makes a lot of sense. Maybe I am too idealistic or I have reached peak stupidity?
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