Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by birdman, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. birdman


    I'm planning to buy a new Dell desktop. I'm using Windows 7 and quite happy with it. I just want another for a backup. I'm not too big on changes and may opt for another Windows 7. But between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10, which do you prefer and why?
  2. Suggest getting another exactly the same as what you have already. That way if your rig craps out you can plug the drive into the other machine and be running again in no time.

    As for "what to buy today"? All seems up in the air until Intel gets the Meltdown/Spectre business under control.
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  3. Overnight


    Here's an idea. On your next machine set it up as a dual-boot between the two. After a year or so you'll know which YOU prefer.

    I've messed with Ubuntu and it is clean and fast, but depending upon your needs you may like Windows better. Only way to know is to try.
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  4. truetype


    Or just buy a Windows machine. You can throw Linux on it "whenever." It's free.
  5. T0pH4t


    If you plan on running trading software you will probably want the windows machine... If you don't care about software support, linux will be cheaper :)
  6. DaveV


    What are you trying to backup? Your data or your entire system.
    If you just want to backup your data, why are you buying another system? Windows is anything but maintenance free.
    If you buy a Linux backup system, unless you regularly maintain and test the system, you don't have a backup.
  7. birdman


    Thanks to all!

    @DaveV I just mean the second machine as a backup in case the primary fails. I only run Ameritrade basic (not Trade Architect) and 2 to 5 finviz chart and screener tabs.

    @Scataphagos ... i like your idea best. Just thought I'd get some wise counsel from others.
  8. IAS_LLC


    Really depends on your use case. I'm huge Ubuntu (gnome) advocate, but it's not for everyone. There is almost always a open source alternative for any commonly used software package, but they usually aren't as good. Excel, for example, is far better than libreoffice calc.

    For my workflow, I find Ubuntu to be a much more productive environment. Window management, tiling, etc is much better for multitasking, in my opinion.

    I dual boot Ubuntu gnome 16.04 and windows 10. Only time I ever use the windows side is for PowerPoint or Excel that I need to share with others. That being said...win10 is the best windows I've used.
  9. I personally stick to Windows 10 to save myself trouble and time fixing software incompatibility issues with Ubuntu. Time is worth lots of money too!
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