Ubuntu and IB TWS

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 88888888, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Does any one has any experience running IB TWS on Ubuntu?

    If you do, woul dyou mind to share some experiece?

    Pros and cons?

    Any comparison betwen using Ubuntu and Window (XP or Vista)?

  2. I'm running it on Debian (the "testing" distribution), on a Mac with MacOS 10.5 and on Windows XP. There are no obvious differences in functionality, it's stable on all platforms and tends to be slowest under Linux (fastest on the Mac).

    Biggest pro in my opinion is security: no malware to worry about, no viruses, etc. You can just boot Linux from an USB stick or a CD/DVD and take this virus-free environment with you everywhere.

    Con: changes/updates whatsoever of the Java implementation are critical (in my experience a lot more so than under Windows or MacOS). Otherwise I don't see any :cool:
  3. Shouldn't be a problem running it on Linux as the TWS is pure Java. Have in the past been using it on other platforms as Sun Solaris and HP-Unix without any problems.
  4. I'm using TWS on Ubuntu 8.10 without any single problem.

    Ubuntu/Firefox/Thunderbird is a very good combination to keep your trading station rock solid and secure.
  5. What kind of charting software do you use when using the Ubuntu OS?

    Thank you
  6. I don't use charts for real-time trading, so TWS charting capabilities are fine for me (TWS beta has improved and better looking charts as opposite to the latest stable release).