UBS Will Fail Soon

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  1. Calling it.

    They'll fold within the next 60 days.

    They have no purpose to be or competitive advantage, and are being starved of capital.
  2. trendy


    Not a chance. Swiss government will never let it happen.
  3. Is it too little too late? Can the Swiss government provide a backstop for someone as big as UBS?
  4. I'd say 90% of UBS's reason for being was tax shelters, so....

    ...they're toast.
  5. hear, hear
  6. Domiciled outside of our reach twice removed. Pay up and move on, more wealth to shelter now than ever.
  7. Have to wait and see on this one, don't think UBS will go down without a fight. If UBS release its US clients list, yeah, it will be very likely.
  8. mokwit


    Considering the % of Swiss GDP UBS represents it might be more accurate to say that Switzerland will fail soon.
  9. sumosam


    I agree that if you can't shelter your money from public scrutiny, i.e. avoid tax, why bank there? However, hasn't the franc been fairly strong? I think there is more interest than ever in the CHF.

  10. I had an interview with them and the interviewer didnt seem so happy about his job.
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