UBS vs. Normal Bank

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  1. Is it a bad idea to open a Swiss bank account for personal banking? Noobish question: would it be considered an American bank account (i.e. UBS has a corporation in the US that runs US personal bank accounts?) It also might be nice overseas...

    I don't like being bombarded by sales people upon entry to BAC branches. I also don't like being treated like I'm a stupid $10k/yr dope head who doesn't have an IRA... wake up branch losers!
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    do you have any idea how much minimum account balance ubs requires to open an account with them ? If yes please state it. I would love to know. My guess is it will be more than 200k or maybe salary > 500k or somewhere in that range. Remember UBS is not for average IT consultant making 150k a year :)
  4. I'm aware of the $100-$250k min from hear say.

    I was thinking about the bank from a practicality standpoint, since it's possible to use a checking account with them, etc. and if anyone uses them, what their experiences are with any non-mainstream bank versus the dopes at National Automated Phone bank.

    Thanks for the info... I don't know how I'd ever be able to keep a large sum in an account, whether it's managed by them or not and regardless how big of a net worth I'd have... I manage my own money! :p