UBS Traders are NO BETTER then ET Traders

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    Its amazing the amount of irresponsible behavior displayed in this forum on a daily basis such as trading Cramer's picks, buying tops and selling bottoms and using way more leverage then imaginable. This to me proves that UBS traders are NO BETTER then ET traders. One can only wonder why UBS has not fallen and gone the way of AIG or Lehman.


    shoite happens!
  3. Alleged rogue trader prayed in vain for 'a miracle';

    "I brought them up to be God-fearing
    Adoboli, UBS director of exchange traded funds, changed his Facebook page status to "I need a miracle."

    lol, another dumb ass who thinks there is an invisible man in the sky who answers prayers.
  4. Bob111


    incorrect...judging by amount lost + typical wall street approach(S&P -10%, my fund -5%-so i outperform S&P) ET traders faaar better than UBS's..