UBS to shut down US offshore accounts

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    fuck USA fuck IRS
  3. While I'm no fan of the IRS why should all of us who beat our heads against the wall have to support these rich fucks while they hide their assets thereby skating their responsibility of paying their taxes instead of us doing it for them?

    The only reason I can fathom for your statement is that you're one of them so I have to say "No, Fuck you Moarla"
  4. Breaking the law is anarchy. That's the way it is. Society is predictated on law and order.

    You have a major bank(s), and the creme de la creme of 'society' breaking a major law. But this 19000 is just the beginning. You have Lichtenstein, other Swiss Banks, Curacao, Bermuda, Costa Rica......................

    Now, the amazing thing is , just reading 'Den of Thieves', a 1991 edition, you see Levine and his palls going into the Caribbean and doing illegal trades thru Swiss banks and protecting them. The question is, it was in a friggin' book!!! And the authorities couldn[t shut it down then??? That's the problem. You can see, with just eh SEC, how dangerous Captured Regulators are. Look around you.
  5. This is dead-on. Unless you have money in one of these UBS accounts, you should be HAPPY the IRS is pursuing them, otherwise you are paying a higher percentage of taxes than someone with 100x your net worth.
  6. Just another reason for.....

    10% consumption tax only.....


    Then what happens to ....

    Swiss Banks....

    All tax havens....

    "Havens" ...for ....what ?
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    good thing Obama is president
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    This is a propaganda campaign to deter Americans from opening accounts in foreign currencies elsewhere, because the authorities know there will be a rush to do so when the dollar tanks.
  9. I read where they were just going to close those accounts under $50k.

    So typical. Fuck the small fish and let the whales go free.

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    the world ends when poor people destroy it because of wealth disparity
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