UBS Tells Senate It Won't Turn Over More Names in IRS Tax-Evasion Lawsuit

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  1. Illum


    The 780 million fine was paid to avoid criminal, rico, charges. But... it was made with the understanding of future cooperation. This refusal should make that prior agreement void. And if I worked for UBS here in America, I would be concerned.
  2. What a complete JOKE.......all this BS for $100 Billion in "potential" taxes not paid. Hey Levin (Michigan Democrat)......go figure out what happened to our TRILLIONS for all the various bailouts FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

    What a POS typical politician!!! :mad:
  3. belmondo


    tax optimization is not illegal. if they lower taxes, they would levy more.

    i'm sick of "offshore" witch hunting
  4. achilles28


    The IRS was created as a sister-agency to the Federal Reserve.

    The IRS is the other hand of the same body. Fed prints money for Government. IRS takes money from citizens.

    Without the IRS, Fed printing would result in extreme inflation and destabilize the economy.

    All income tax goes to pay interest off the national debt, according to Reagans Grace Commission. Half of our of national debt is owned by the FED. And FED interest collected on T-Bills is "destroyed", so our authorities tell us.

    So half of every dollar collected by the IRS - for Income Tax - is destroyed.

    Its one Criminal Agency (the IRS) working for another (the FED), to support a criminal system of monopoly over the nations money supply.

    So now the IRS takes the "moral highground" and demands 100 billion in fugitive tax profits be surrendered, so they can destroy half of it.


    So the FED can keep rates artificially low, allowing its shareholder banks to blow successive asset bubbles they profit enormously from. That is, from interest generated on loans they create from nothing.

    And now those perpetually low rates brought America to its knees.

    And somehow the IRS claims itself as a "moral authority" in all this? Casting tax-dodgers as reprehensible social "Cheats" and the IRS as the last virtuous defender of everything Good, Pure and True?!?!

    The entire thing is one big fucking scam.

    If 100 Billion (a mere drop in the bucket) gets away from these Ass Clowns, so be it.

    Its better for tax havens to exist and thrive, than have Central Bankers rule the World.

    The more capital in private hands - and the less in Governments - the more prosperous, safe and stable our World is.

    Fuck them all.
  5. Achilles28...

    The more capital in private hands - and the less in Governments - the more prosperous, safe and stable our World is.

    Fuck them all.


  6. patchie


    Pull their ticket to operate in the US. Give the firm 30 days to get the hell out of the country.
  7. Screw you, Patchie! What do you care?

    If you could afford it you'd have accounts in Switzerland, too.

    UBS is a good company & they will prevail in this lawsuit.


    Think about the people who have those 50,000 or so accounts in Switzerland.

    Do you think they're middle class cretins, like you? Nope.

    They're politicians, attorneys, bankers, traders, business owners & TY-fucking-COONS.

    Get it?

    They're powerful people with mucho dinero.

    They'll quash this thing & the IRS won't see any of it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some VERY PROMINENT people have 'secret' accounts at UBS.

    The FED RESERVE & IRS are a bunch of criminals!
  8. JB3


    Death and Taxes. LOL.
  9. Not a bad summation at all A28...pretty damn good.
    Majority of people have no idea how money is created and then removed by the two hands of the one festering mind.
    They assume that taxes go towards building hospitals, schools and roads and keeping the country safe.
    One day they wake up to private medicare, increasing school fees, choked roading and collapsing bridges, and 14 guys on saudi passports flying into buildings the very day before the Pres admits to taking office.
    And still the ever increasing demand for more taxes about lab rats

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