UBS Securities going under?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Mar 14, 2008.

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    17:11 UBS UBS AG: CNBC commentator says UBS is possibly looking to resume sale of Paine Webber unit due to the worsening credit crisis; the resumption of the sale could come back very soon (27.76 -2.53) -Update-

    CNBC commentator says that UBS is possibly exploring the sale of the brokerage unit to raise cash... says not sure how much money they could get for the unit.
  2. Gasparino making it up as he goes along as per usual.

    They said "no comment" when asked if they would be revisting a sale. So of course Gasparino breathlessly states that " they are looking to sell it possibly!"

    Its pretty obvious every other CNBC anchor and reporter is put off by his antics.

    What a pathetic media hound this dude is. Just classic how he always pops up @ 3:45 pm every day for some "breaking news!"
  3. If your good friends or family were in retail brokerage accts. at PW, what would your advice be to them?