UBS offshore tax cheats cut deals to avoid criminal prosecutions

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by wilburbear, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Great, great stuff. What's really interesting is the fact the IRS is "short-handed", yet there are trained and certified fraud specialists who can't find a job (I am one of them !).
    I don't see Obama resolving this fundamental problem of supplying revenue-producing resources where it really counts.
    Result: Obama will do everything to "look good" and make Americans "feel good", without addressing the real problems of government as I've outlined above: putting resources where they will "count".
    Bottomline: the fraudsters continue to get away with murder.
    Advice: best to become a fraudster and enjoy the expense of your tax-paying, automatic-deductions-taken-out-of-their-hard-earned-pay neighbors.
    They're "suckers"....don't become one.
  2. Difference is, these people are sociopaths. I guess they can live never knowing if someone is on to them. I can't live that way, and I won't.

    I remember when Elgindy was convicted, and someone said to me, "I hope he's sorry for what he did to us........."

    I was incredulous. People like this haven't the capacity for empathy. I have had the misfortune, from time to time, to run into people who seemed normal, nice, and then, when they get close to you, hit you with some scheme that is so shocking to someone with a moral schematic as to be, well, shocking.

    This is not a matter of intelligence. These people can be mensa. They just have that wire crossed that makes them think stuff like this is a good idea.

    Real kick in the balls to the Swiss. Now, the secrets are out. By the people letting the IRS into the records, they will be able to unravel the entire scheme. That's the real secret. You accomplish little by jailing large numbers of American billionaires...... you want the money, the penalities, and the corporate wrongdoers. I think that's where they are going with this.

    Remember, UBS told these people the accounts would fall under Swiss law, and the Swiss would never give them up. The 'victims' will, under counsel fromthese 500 an hour shysters, give up UBS. Watch the stock price tomorrow. I can't believe they get to stay here. They'll have to sell the good parts for peanuts, and move along. Couldn't happen to better guys.