UBS FX Options Trader White Label?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by 2cents, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. anyone? or BarX Options?

    am not gonna trade on crass lousy spreads and functionality such as that of Saxo / Ikon & co...

    also need API connectivity

  2. {ding}

    yo brokaz! anyone?

    what's so difficult about offering vanilla Daily, Weekly etc OTC FX options, flexible strikes etc??
  3. It's not difficult, but they [brokers] don't want to deal with retail. Replication issues, book-asymmetry, regulations; the list is long. Pinch yourself if you think UBS is offering 2-pip markets in atm straddles. I would guess that a UBS market would be inside a Saxo market by no more than 2-pips.

    Your only choice is Saxo. I've never been a proponent, but their current platform is an order of mag improvement over their last, and they've fixed their BO issues.
  4. BarX is awesome, but a non-starter unless you've got a few mil to wire-in.
  5. I like the BarX platform but can'at find the minium account requirement on their site...