UBS downgrades banks after close, "run too far too fast"

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You got Goldman upgrading and UBS downgrading. Who can you trust?

  1. UBS

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  2. Goldman Sachs

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  3. banks upgrading banks/I don't trust any of them

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  4. I don't really care either way

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  1. sub0


  2. The smartest guys in the room.
  3. all fucking manuplators
    Dont trust any of these fucks
  4. sub0


    And who is that? :D
  5. S2007S


    Only way to keep the market higher is to keep the upgrades coming, the last month of gains in the financials are based off of upgrades, upgrades and more upgrades. Even if there were downgrades by UBS it seems no one is selling because the financials and the rest markets are up after hours. Up pretty high.

    With earnings ahead for the financials the only way for these stocks is up, with the new accounting rules in place the banks will be rolling in the dough.

  6. Out of the two you mentioned, if you don't know, then you need to go back to the yahoo boards..
  7. In other words, he doesn't know either!
  8. Goldman you fewl!

  9. Remember the best trade a firm can make is when they short a stock while borrowing from their clients. Then they cover the positions. All in a days work. The banks are where you want to be. Borrow at 2-3% loAN THE MONEY AT 5 TO 29% Its the best scam of the century.

    Now add in the profit offset by the bad loans. These companies are buying stock for their inventories to boost up their book values. Watch the position buys if you could and you will see that before any major recommendation there is usually a big buy.

    Its legal and worth while. Check the short interest on the downside. Like George Bush Said--- Follow the MOney.. Sorry that was Dick Cheney... The greatest team in history...