Ubiquinone (CoQ10) therapy in the CHF/CM patient.

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    Wife's friend is going through a contentious divorce with a POS buy-side guy from Incline (Lake Tahoe). He's fighting for custody of the four kids and has cut-off all cash. She has been forced to sell her jewelry and the second car for living expenses and owes her D-attorney $60K.

    The stress has been overwhelming. She is addicted to benzos and is a manic depressive.

    My wife and I stayed over one night when the mom had to travel to UCSF for a cardiology appt. My wife was cooking for the kids and I was doing an oil change on her Rover (had 1qt in the pan!). Now, I hadn't seen the woman for perhaps six months and I could not believe her condition; CHF, 200/120bp, ankles the diameter of her calves; ortho-hypotension, ARF--urinating every 30-40 minutes.

    She flies to UCSF and wife stays over for the kids. She flies back three days later after being admitted for the CHF and edema. She get the Acuson US and her LVEF reads 16. She AMAs and flies home. Ostensibly she's going to see her kids and admit locally in Reno or Tahoe Forest.

    I pick her up at the airport and we talk about my grad-school emphasis (ubiquinone). I tell her about the UTA program and that I recommend large doses of CoQ10 for the ARF, CHF/CM, BP and edema. I stop by Vitamin Shoppe and buy her the 400mg sofgels and tell her to take two/day (800mg) before 10am.

    I told her the immediate reduction in symptoms will be a reduction in edema. Greater output but then less frequency once the edema corrects. A 20-30% reduction in BP.

    That was a week ago.

    Her edema is gone. She walked a mile today. BP is 165/95. She has yet to get another US but she went to be admitted at Renown in Reno and they saw no need to admit for observation. The head of cardiology told her to increase the CoQ10 to 1200mg and asked for my number. lol.

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    That's a pretty cool story. It's great you got her BP sorted out, as she would be probably be in even more of a shitstorm without your help.

    From all that I've learned personally from situations like this, she will have a lot of mental work to do in order to keep herself from spiraling down again health wise. Stress at that level is a bastard to deal with, so she must learn to disassociate herself from her past life and start envisioning a new future life that's completely apart from her ex. It's very difficult to do, but totally possible over time. Women especially have a hard time getting themselves out of the loop of the past, but it's an absolute necessity for them to relieve themselves from past pain and move forward into the new version of themselves that they need to become, both for themselves, their children, and whoever their next significant other will be.

    I like sharing the video below for people that are going through a tough time because what they need more than anything is to know that what they're going through is simply just a season of life, and that it won't last forever. It's only 3 minutes long but it can give anyone a change a perspective in a dark time.

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    Good motivational info. We should open a practice!
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  4. I wonder what they would have prescribed otherwise if she did not take Cock10
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    She was on a combo-therapy of a ß-blocker and ACE-inhibitor + diuretics; stand of care which simply reduces the load on the CV-system. The CoQ10 is a cure... even her ARF has normalized.
  6. Dest,
    You know better than I that the CoQ10-coconut oil solution is more bio-available. Why didn't you suggest that?

    My mother-in-law had weakness&fatigue secondary to lung fibrosis. She had to rest after a couple steps on stairs. She would not take the coconut soln I offered; but after she took ubiquinol gel caps, she was noticeably stronger. Later when she tried ubiquinone pills, she felt no effect. So I restocked the ubiquinol and it worked as before.

    I am glad you were able to help your friend.
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    The doctors gave my mom a non-potassium sparing diuretic due to her HRT therapy after menopause and it sent her straight to the ER within a year of taking it due to potassium deficiency. These doctors piss me off so much it's beyond belief.
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    She would never go to the trouble.

    I am sure that you know about the redox on -one to -ol, so prob best to stick to -one and increase dose?
  9. Perhaps conversion efficiency declines (with age?). I vaguely remember a trial on this. In any case, my MIL had better results with -ol at equiv dose.

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    Yeah, it does. My wife agrees on the -ol as well, and she's young/fit. Cost is roughly 2x, but it's cheap. Is it 2x better? Dunno, but the stuff is unstable. I take 2g of -one a day. Well, 1500-1800mg.
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