Ubiquinol (CoQ-10)

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    Recently I restarted taking the coenzime CoQ-10 again in its Ubiquinol form. If you are lucky enough to be still under 35 no need to worry, just forget about this thread.

    But if you are 50+ or taking statins (my arch enemy), you might want to consider taking CoQ-10. It has subtle but noticable effects, as one redditor put it:

    "I recommend it to anyone looking for additional stamina. It does not seem to provide bursts of energy, it does however seem to provide stamina over the course of a long day."

    Apparently people are reporting different effects between Coq-10 and ubiquinol, although they both act in a similar fashion on your health. Just to confuse people, there is another form ubiquinone, with much worse bioavaibility.

    Here is a link about a discussion on the difference:

  2. I definitely heard recommendations for people to take CoQ if they were taking statins. better would be to try and lower the cholesterol through diet and exercise and avoid the statins but keep taking CoQ :)
  3. What was for you the reason to taking it? What benefit will it give you?
  4. Pekelo


    Against stress and a little chestpain*. It actually went away. I had left over pills in the cabinet and I started to take the pills and surprisingly the pain went away in an hour or so. I finished the bottle and ordered another one. Sometimes the enzyme is just missing from the body (like in the case of taking statins) and one just needs to replenish it.

    *doctors, schmoctors, I know :)
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    I use it every day. Best prices I have found were at Puritins pride; they are always running sales.
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    I buy mine in powder form which is the most cost efficient and mix with coconut oil. Along with fish oil, a multivitamin/mineral supplement and a baby aspirin, it rounds out my daily regimen.
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    Supposed to help as well to lower blood pressure, saw it mentioned last night as one of the favoured supplements in several BP related threads.
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    I take mine with fish oil in the morning and I did notice the BP lowering effect too.

    There is a little debate about what type/kind (ubiqunine vs. ubiquinol) should be taken but I think anything is better than nothing.
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    I forgot to mention but the new CoQ-10 I ordered has PQQ in it as an additional ingredient. I never even heard of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone before, but it is supposed to be good for the heart and maybe for brain fog too.

    "PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is an important antioxidant that promotes the creation of new mitochondria, along with supporting heart health and cognitive function."

  10. COQ10 itself is one of the primary supplements for mitochondrial health. It's a rather large share of the Q10 market. People take it just to keep their mitochondria zippy and then there are those with advanced conditions such as parkinsons, multiple schlerosis, ALS/Lou Gehrig's etc who take megadoses out of a belief or knowledge that it could help.

    So, no doubt, the PQQ is added in to that formula to appeal to that crowd- many who are already fiddling with pqq, blueberry extract, resveratrol etc. to keep their myelin sheath and mitochondria healthy. And of course many take it just on the outside chance that they may become older some day and want to stay ahead or behind the curve.
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