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    UBI Blockchain Internet Ltd.
    Based in Vegas
    No revenue.
    638K shares in the float.
    116 MM shares outstanding.
    .....From $8 to $100 in 4 days
    Whats it all mean?
  2. I mentioned this yesterday when it was cheeeep

    no need to reveal your lateness
  3. I just trade the spread, make about $7 avg per trade. Do that 100 times a day

    doesn't everyone?
  4. Im thinking of buying up a shell and renaming it Crypto Blockchain Mining

    Would you buy some?
  5. vanzandt


    Sorry Soes.... I didn't catch that you mentioned it yesterday.
    Either way,,, this is nuts.
  6. That last post #5 was the smartest thing Ive read on ET in years
  7. I agree nuts! I read about, The Crypto Company, never heard of it until, a few days ago, only cause it's CEO Michael Poultre was suddenly worth $3-$3.5B, as its market cap went to $12.5B. Imagine what Coinbase will IPO at in the next year or two? I think Baron should change this to Elite Crypto Trader, go public, and buy, an island or two.lol I haven't seen this since, the dotcom era, when network companies, were exploding.
  8. Ive been blocked. i think ill go slit my wrist

  9. Really? You're the first person to mention dot com in the last year in relation to crypto.
  10. I did it again! amrh
    #10     Dec 15, 2017