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  1. According to Yahoo, UBB has a mkt cap of $367 billions. Am I missing something here, or is it a good short when Latin America start crashing.
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    if you want to short latin america along with all emerging markets by DXESX, its inverse mutual fund that does twice the move on the upside and downside, its down already 25% YTD.
  3. After todays -4.83% fall, it's down 36% for the year. :eek:
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    A nice correction in emerging markets and this thing can jump 50-100% in 2-3 months.
  5. Trade Time: Jul 12
    Change: 0.27 (4.83%)
    Prev Close: 5.32
    YTD Return*: -25.92%
    Net Assets*: 7.26M
    Yield*: 3.96%

    * As of 30-Jun-07

    It's was down 26% as of June 30th....down 36% now.