UAW wants DCX to keep Chrysler

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  1. Anything to keep "them" union dues flowing into his coffers.
  2. Tricenda offered them an equity stake, but they don't want to be accountable, just entitled!
  3. Who wants to be accountable for a POS like that?
  4. clacy


    It's a POS due in large part to the UAW.
  5. Pensions. Killing profits to take care of a guy who spent all his money and saved less than 1%.... Shoulda learned from the Chinese. Save half. Who needs a fat crib in Grosse Pointe while you put batteries in a freakin Jeep.

    I had a couple of buddies who went to work for Chrysler back in the 90's when they opened up the Jeep plant at Conners and Jefferson. These clowns were making 100K/yr to put a freakin' battery in a jeep. INSANE!!!!!!
  6. The UAW knows that whoever buys it will move the parts and eventually production to China.

    Just like everything else...
  7. 100k/yr with a high school diploma, plus a boat house up north. Unreal.
  8. IF they got a HS diploma.
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