UAW sues GM over retiree health care payment

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  1. This makes me roil...

    UAW.. the cancer, has already killed the patient GM.
    now it wants to extract more from the CORPSE.. LOL


    UAW sues GM over retiree health care payment

    DETROIT (AP) -- The United Auto Workers union has sued General Motors Corp., saying the automaker owes it $450 million for retiree health care.

    In the lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Detroit, the UAW said that in 2007, GM agreed to pay $450 million to settle a UAW claim against auto supplier Delphi Corp. as part of Delphi's emergence from bankruptcy protection. Delphi is GM's former parts division.

    The UAW said the agreement should still be in effect even though GM went through its own bankruptcy reorganization last year. The UAW said it demanded the payment from GM on Oct. 29.

    According to court documents, GM responded with a letter rejecting the union's demand.

    The UAW says the money should go to a union-run retiree health care fund.


    Typical union mentality. I worked at GM in the 80's in R&D. The UAW NEVER made concessions when it was contract renewal time -- of course back then the Big 3 were making a lot of $$$. UAW simply said"force this (or that) on us and we'll strike" and it would have a ripple effect; shut down assembly lines, component plant lines, etc. And that impact was significant from a revenue (profit) perspective.

    Not to make a blanket statement but some of the characters who worked in the plants were basically slobs -- out of shape, overweight who likely had at least some health issues (high BP, diabetes, ....). But hey, why should they worry about their health? They had a CADILLAC plan for their health care. Cost them virtually nothing. And I see that the unions have pressured Obama & Co. to (1) raise the limits on what's classified as a Cadillac plan (2) defer an tax on such plans until 2018. If these union guys had to fork out some of their own cash they might take some responsibility for their well being and eat better, exercise, kick smoking, .....

    I ended up leaving GM to trade. It was appalling to see guys sleeping out on the line. And no consequences -- as a union worker they were basically untouchable.
  3. MattF


    complacency kicks in nicely doesn't it...just know you had the wherewithal to see the grass is greener out there and make the better decision...

    ...knowing that many of these when they retire even with a good pension will have no life whatsoever, no drive, and no desire to do jack...

    ...and then get a real wake up call when their pensions are either slashed or cut when the system declares it's "broke"