UAW digging its own grave?

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  1. Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Chrysler LLC's U.S. factory workers went on strike today after the United Auto Workers union failed to reach a new contract agreement with the third-largest U.S.- based automaker.

    ``This is a major test for whether private equity thinks U.S.-located manufacturing is even feasible,'' said Sean McAlinden, an analyst at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  2. UAW is a bunch of morons

    they are always going on strike

    in a week it will be over since even the biggest idiot knows that you can't eat without a paycheck
  3. Daal


    its interesting that people get pissed at ceos 'greed'. their nothing compared to these unions,they make gordon gekko look like a buddhist
  4. I agree 100%

  5. GaryN


    I think the problem is that the union leadership has no financial/economic background. They have priced themselves out of the market and now theyre going to have to bite the bullet.
  6. A mob background is what is required for the job.
  7. empee


    i think unions are going to make a comeback with stagflation. Workers can't keep losing their buying power. And I don't like unions.
  8. That's why they want "guaranteed employment". :)
  9. clacy


    I think they realize this, but it is all about what they can get for themselves, now, not what it will do to US auto manufacturing in the future.

    It's too bad. And to Daal's point, it's all about greed. In the end though, the free market will fix it.
  10. The union bosses make a tonne themselves. Talk about hypocrisy.
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