UAUA United Airlines, smaller losses.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by specialistlowe, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. So does United go up from here? They reported smaller than expected losses...and since there down 80% from there high, I beleive there may be a long term rebound here.
  2. Same thing with CAL.
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    And again those out of favor stocks that everyone forgot about when they were in the low single digits are now being talked about after jumping over 75% in a single month.

    If you know how to trade the airlines you can make alot of money, do not listen to the talking heads that say stay away from them, these are great swing trading stocks if timed to perfection especially with oil dropping. I think there were better returns in airline longs than oil shorts this time around. If oil were to collapse even further, below $100, airlines could easily gain another 100%.
  4. The operative word being "IF".

    And thus far, there hasn't been a meaningful rally that you could have made money on in the Airline sector aside from the rally off the January lows.

    Other than that, ( until today ) it has been straight down since February, with nothing more than a couple of very rare 10-15% counter-trend moves.

    People trying to "pick" a bottom in this sector have been absolutely crushed.
    One look at the charts will tell you that.
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    today's reaction was also due to the big drop in crude oil. it seems like there are a lot of problems still facing the industry. I just can't get excited about it when there are so many other good companies in good industries, but that's just me.