UAUA (and LCC)

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  1. m22au


    Another one like WM and LEH acting crazy.

    Except UAUA looks worse.

  2. Strong rumours of Chapter 11
  3. wow what a crazy day

    it was a 4 year old story that got posted on the tribune
  4. I'm seeing last print at .01
  5. :D :D :D

    That was nutz!
  6. Damage to the market has been done.

    Damn... so close to going red!!!!

    Oh well. Still have five hours left.

    Bulls better put on those rally caps!!!

  7. ya wow i bought $4.9 hit market at 7.10 and what did i know stock halted. oh well only had 100 shares. im seeing news bankrupcy is untrue so either way won't hurt to much.
  8. shneed


    does anyone think NASDAQ will cancel all those trades?
  9. The past 24 hours have been incredible! I simply cannot believe what just happened in UAUA. Smart Money is getting jumpy! :D

    LEH and the rest of the market also collapsed around the same time. Hmm...
  10. LoL @ 0.01
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