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Discussion in 'Trading' started by LoneHand, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. You actually held UAL when it opened down today at .64 ? Wowza...
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  2. nice work
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  3. taodr


    Why did you see it bouncing back up after the bankrupcy declaration ?
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  4. LoneHand


    You actually held UAL when it opened down today at .64 ?

    Actually, when I woke up this morning, Kathleen Tansy was talkin about UAL at .55!, If you read my 1st post carefully, I said, AFTER they file chpt 11, i got in early, THETRADERPROFIT pmed me, and I added some more at .72ish...

    Why I think it will bounce after they bankrupt? the big players ONLY cover their shorts AFTER all the bad news are out...

    Look at my exit, isn't that beautiful...well, nuff for chest pounding..

    Good Luck
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  5. taodr


    With that bounce I hope you had effing truckloads !
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  6. Let's all give a, to Lonehand.
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  7. lojze


    Hi Lonehand,

    Do you have an address with charts at the time of bankrupcy declaration for the companies above?

    Otherwise, isn't your strategy just for people with good stomach?

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  8. In this case, I am clapping my feet... :D
    #18     Dec 10, 2002
  9. Would you have said this same thing if it kept pummeting since morning and (clearly) he didn't sell when it opened lower???
    Everybody here would have been yelling - why did you ride that loser??? I'm not saying he did smth wrong. I hold everything overnight and often it gaps down the way UAL did today, in some cases I unload, in some I add. It's just funny how people assert in some threads how you should always close the position once the stop loss was hit (I assume it was more than hit for lonehand when the stock gapped down on Monday) and now he's getting the support for doing what turned out to be the right thing...
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  10. lojze


    Vladiator, isn't the only thing which could be wrong, holding such problematic stock over the weekend?

    Otherwise - is this play executable also with other stocks?
    Or is this play just for trading simulators?

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