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Discussion in 'Trading' started by LoneHand, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. LoneHand


    Another chance to score... once ual resume trading, it will stay low (under a buck) for a while (a day or so), and stabilize and then soaring ...typical GNP play.

    I am expecting it has 40% -100% bounce after they file for bankruptcy... remember at home, Kmart, global crossing, enron, worldcom, ...this kind of setup only appears 5-6 times a year, the trick is, use ECNs, with tight stop, 5-10k shares a pop, out when you wrong, add more when you right. start to unload after 30% gain on the way up (target vary for different traders)...

    I am waiting...

    good luck
  2. BSAM


    Naaaw.....Think I'll fly Southwest.:D
  3. dgmodel

    dgmodel Guest

    ill fly JBLU & Virgin... however ill speculate on UAL...
  4. LoneHand


    I think it's getting close, I just threw in a little as a probe now, and will add more right before mkt close today...we'll see
  5. LoneHand


    I have a fairly big position now at .82 base and already have a little gain... waiting for the gap up monday... if it gaps up I will unload some and wait till a pull back, then going full throttle, and will trailing it with a stop... so far so good...

    Good Luck
  6. Try the UAL preferred B which is cheaper than the common, or the UAL T which is abt .92 . It's tied to a jr sub debenture and is higher in the capital structure than the pfd b or the common.
  7. LoneHand


    It's now about 1:51 EST and I am unloading...Looks like I am lonehand on this one again.

    Quite a ride...

    Good Luck
  8. dgmodel

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    <round of applause for all the UAL speculators>

    .82 today its currently at 1.16... very nice...
  9. taodr


    Lonehand......Well done!
  10. LoneHand


    I am all out, from my entry till now, its 40% run... target reached and I think its forming a double top...
    #10     Dec 9, 2002