UAE endorses a US strike on Iran...

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  1. Does that make them good Arabs or do they have to kiss your Jewish ass further? No wonder you guys have no respect toward any Arab Regime, they are the biggest ass kissing cowards this planet ever witnessed.
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    This is "interesting", curious, or a damnation of Arabs, when you think of Islam as a homogeneous entity. It's not.
  3. Its not just UAE, seems like that is the thinking of more than a few Arab countries, what does that mean to you?
  4. number of cowards increasing?
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    I'm surprised you think of Arabs as an internally undifferentiated group.
  6. After all, I am an Arab National. It is beyond language, it is common history, common background and common geography. We shaped each other to be one and the same. Never mind the different cuisine and different way of dressing, in a large crowd I could pin point an Arab and the approximate area he is from before he even utters a word.
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    I believe that. But it was not long since that I read an excellent essay that basically describes the Arab world in terms of three sub groups: the wealthy and secular, the poor and observant, and the fundamentalists. Something along those lines, I'd have to find that again. Tri-partite nature is the term I used to label the post I think.

    Anyway, it's not hard to see where the UAE essentially fits.
  8. Ethnically speaking, the author couldn't be further from the truth! There are three groups of Arabs, the N. Africans (Egyptians, Sudanese, Libyans, Tunisians, Algerians and Moroccans), the Shamy (Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and some parts of Jordan) and the Persian Gulf Arabs ( Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Qatari, Saudi, Emirates and the southern parts of Jordan). As for the wealthy and secular, the poor and observant and the fundamentalists are found in the three different ethnic groups, like in any other society, don't you think?
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    Oh no!

    I am truly shocked. How can these muslim brothers sell one another out like that?

    Could it be that a small spark of self-preservation is flickering on the saudi penninsula? Clearly the smaller gulf nations without large oil income to fund their own defense can visualize being bullied by a nuclear Iran. The Kingdom is probably more worried about missile overflights by Iran and Israel. Either way none of them trust the persians and that distinction overcomes any islamic connection between these peoples.

    Its a thing of beauty. :)
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