U4 registration - fingerprinting in Germany?

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    i'm just in the progress of trading remote at ECHO. But unfortunately there is one thing still missing for account completion..
    My fingerprints have to be taken from a legalized official .. but i don't know where to do this in Germany??
    Police station told me that I first have to commit a crime :)
    The municipality can't do it .. und and at the US embassy I only reach a computer telling me that they demand 80$ !!! for normal notarization .. but whether they are allowed to take fingerprints .. no idea?

    Maybe anyone from Germany got experience in this matter and can help me a bit


  2. Hello. I have a friend who lives in Eastern Europe, who wants to trade professionaly for a prop firm. Does anyone know, what documentaion (ID's) are necessary to join an LLC here in the U.S. and what documents (ID) is needed to take the series 7 test. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I had the same problem in france.
    For the fingerprintning go to call the Us Embassy and they will tell you what to do. In France I went to the candian embassy to do it and it cost me $30.

    Good luck
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    ok thx ..
    I'll simply visit the US embassy ... as I only get a computer talking with me ... but I heard something like paying 55$ for this crap ;((
  5. You will certainly have to pay unfortunately :) :) :)

    :) :)
  6. CONCENING the guy in eastern europe he will just need to fill in the booklet that will be sent to him by the prop firm and sit the series 7 exam there are no special requirements except that he needs to have no criminal record or being implied in fruad and so on.

    then he will need to transfer some money to the US after he pass the exam
  7. Since you must be in the U.S. to complete this paperwork anyway, you can get the fingerprints taken almost anywhere. If you are trying to sign up from Germany without the necessary "stuff" in the U.S. you may have a problem. Our European remotes were advised to take care of all this while in the U.S. (You're right $55...yuk!) Good Luck!!
  8. Why are we obliged to be in the US to complete this paperwork?????

    I have not been told so????

    Could be clearer

  9. As regards Fingerprints just go to the canadian embassy or ask the US embassy they all have a special service.

  10. According to our regulators, we must actually be face-to-face with every trader at some point in the process to prevent the forgery of data from one registered person to another who is not registered. It makes sense, if 1 person was not going to use their S-7 and somebody else couldn't or did not want to pass the test, then they could "sell" or "loan" their license and no-one would know the difference...especially overseas.

    We try very hard to anticipate regulatory concerns and address them prior to engaging in any potentially problematic action. With so many firms out there "skirting" the rules, it is usually the traders themselves who are left holding the bag.
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