U2's Bono to become the world's richest musician tomorrow (May 18)

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    thats amazing...would have bet lady gaga was the man :confused:
  3. Bono's private equity firm had 45 million Facebook shares. I thought MY news feed was cluttered.
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    I find Bono's music to be good but unless he donates most of this, I find him to be full of limo lib hypocrisy. And so do others...


    The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has slammed U2 after it was claimed the Irish rockers are avoiding paying tax by basing part of their business operations in Holland.

    The singer weighed in on recent accusations that the switch was made so they could enjoy tax breaks.

    "I find it very interesting that people who spout socialism don’t want to pay for a socialist state," he told The Daily Star.

    His comments come after U2 guitarist The Edge denied the band were tax evaders.

    Daltrey also attacked the coalition government's immigration policy and previous Labour governments over the issue.

    He claims immigrants who fail to pay taxes in Britain have "undercut" the country's working class.

    "They don't realise how hard the average man has to work to pay those taxes," he said. "I don’t see anybody in the Government with a pair of balls. They’re so spineless. Nobody is in charge and nobody wants to accept responsibility."


    I always thought the Daltrey was one of the best rock singers ever and he seemed to be a relatively very intelligent actor. Now this confirms my suspicions.
  6. As a Who fan and U-2 fan, I really don't care what a celebrity has to say in general. Some, like those of us in the general population do spend time to learn and have an informed opinion. I don't have a problem with that even in situations where I may not agree. I still have respect for people who take the time to research and understand their points of view. Both seem to have an informed opinion and that is a good. I do get tired of Bono and his stuff at times, but hey he could be sitting around smoking crack and spewing stupid statements, but he does seem to spend time supporting what he believes, and has a pretty good knowledge of his causes. Again whether I agree or not, I do respect that he works to understand what he supports, as opposed to tool morons like Alec Baldwin who thinks because he has money he should be respected. A huge world of difference between these people.
    Daltrey has good points, and I have no idea what U-2 has contributed to Ireland. I don't even think of them when I think of Ireland, but I suppose some do. I think of religion based war, Guinness(to me the most important), Waterford Crystal(probably the wife's most important), and a traditional heritage with a gorgeous landscape in areas, like most every country. There are other things, but those come to mind before U-2, and I have no idea if they pay $1 in taxes to Ireland, but any good business should look to reduce taxes where ever possible. Governments are the most inefficient spenders of money that exsist. They are giant ponzi schemes overall, but required for basic services, that those in power use to expand their power, and screw people out of their hard earned money, at the cost of those that need real help from the government.