U.S. urges Web privacy 'Bill of Rights'

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    In a reversal of the federal government's hands-off approach to Internet privacy regulation over the past decade, the Obama administration said Americans should have a "privacy bill of rights" to help regulate the commercial collection of consumer data online. <a href="http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703395204576023521659672058.html?mod=djemalertTECH">Read more</a>
  2. The Fed gets busted with wiki keaks and now is advocating privacy laws.

    No thanks Uncle Sam.

    Everytime the gov't "ensures' my privacy, we lose more freedoms and identity theft takes on a new form.

    If you want to end "tracking data" make it illegal to sell, store or retrieve.
  3. with respect igriot, this thread should be in the 'Backup and Security' forum

    from the WSJ article: "Big technology companies Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and
    Yahoo Inc. applauded the report." yeah right

    personally I think reguation is much needed since these companies think they rule
    the world, have every right to take anything they want, are totally without morals so
    far as how they conduct business, and I should anyway be paid for the information
    they're collecting from me
  4. Hey buddy, you're painting with a broad brush there. Without knowing where someone comes from, it is hard to know where to spend money/time.

    Besides, you just described cookies, you can turn those off in every modern browser.
  5. consumers just won't conduct business with businesses that don't respect privacy.
    if had to choose between company that has strict privacy policy i'd do business with the business that respects for privacy.

    bank privacy...many wealthy individuals or entitities with large sums of money moving their money overseas because of lack of financial privacy in the US..it's none of the gov't business how much money a person has,,really. google has all it's money in ireland. google's money is not even in the US banks.

    banks have to report any transaction over $10,000 since anti-terrrorism bills to gov't regulators...and does it cost money and not one single convictino for money laudering or anything. there is just no banking or securities privacy. as for the exchanges they sell data. like for profit,,the exchange makes money on selling data. the gov't makes money selling statistics or selling data.

  6. brokenmarkets, you obviously have No idea

    while I have 2 online banking registrations and 2 broker trading accounts and Google
    may or may not know the passwords I use to access those accounts, they know
    who I'm 'registered' with
    what are they doing with the information they collect from me ?

    who do You use when you access the web, do a Search, come to EliteTrader, Google ?

  7. Although I can't be sure, my best guess would be that 99% of viruses originate as a result or have something to do with advertising/marketing.