U.S. troops support RON PAUL to become President

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  1. U.S. troops support RON PAUL to become President – January 26, 2012

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  2. January 27, 2012

    SouthAmerica: Since they started the Republican Party debates last year, I mentioned on various web sites including the ET forum that in my opinion, which was formed over a period of many years, that Rick Santorum was and idiot.

    After watching last night's Republican Party debate, I need to add a further comment: Rick Santorum is a real asshole.

    He probably can't even name the countries in South America, and he is completely clueless about the history of that part of the world.

    I wonder why such a “MORON” still is running for president after all these Republican Party debates?

  3. February 1, 2012

    SouthAmerica: The "Jewish Lobby" is completely out of control here in the USA. Here is another example of what these clowns are doing.

    Israel has made a Super PAC that attacks Ron Paul,Ban Lobbyist political money – Jan. 25, 2012

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    Dirty tricks used by the “Jewish Lobby” against Ron Paul, they paid for AIPAC in cash .... It should be illegal for ANY foreign country OR corporation to influence an American election...
  4. Why? Our current president thinks there are 57 States!
  5. Of course they support Ron Paul; he is the only candidate n the stage that knows what an oath is and how to keep it.
  6. you're delusional. Paul's contributions from the military are peanuts and only slightly ahead of military contributions to Obama, despite misrepresentations to the contrary. And they're mostly from people who are tired of all the deployments which is understandable.
  7. Peanuts compared to what?
    Compared to Bankster contributions?
    Fact: Ron Paul receives more donations from active military than any other candidate in the GOP field combined, and more than their current Commander in Chief.

    Who else would be tired of all the deployments?
    The folks who cry Crocodile tears for our servicemen and women?

    Are the banksters desirous of more bailouts? You see their motivation to donate to the status quo??

    Don't denigrate our military because they want to elect a person who won't put them in harms way unless its absolutely necessary.
  8. No you. Ron Paul adhere's to his oath of office and defends the Constitution. Our military does this as well. The others like Gingrich, Romney, and Obama...not so much. That's why the troops support him above ALL other candidates and the POTUS.
  9. He tends to be disrespectful of anyone with he has a difference of opinion with, including our troops, who support Ron Paul. Try not to waste too much time with this joker.
  10. Are you Paultards going to hold your breath until you turn blue when Paul doesn't get the nomination? :p

    From January to September 2011, Paul got a little over $95,000 and Obama got a little over $72,000 which is peanuts. Fourth quarter contributions should be out soon and it will still be peanuts.
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